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Vallejo Marine Craft, Inc.

We realize you have a choice in where you bring your boat to keep it in top shape. 


We appreciate that you are considering us and we will work hard to earn your trust and your business.



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Under construction

Please bear with us as our website as well as our physical location, goes through some growth and improvements.  We are thrilled to be your local choice for a boatyard and we will continue to offer more content on our website about our services as we move forward.

Stay Tuned!


  • Bottom Painting
  • Mechanical / Engine
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  •  Rigging
  •  Detailing 
  •  Hullside finishes
  •  Fiberglass repair

Services Offered



Bottom Paint

Your first line of defense in the long-term maintenance of your vessel.  Quality products with professional application.





Diesel or gasoline, inboard or outboard – we can keep you running on all cylinders for optimal performance.  From a simple tune-up to a rebuild or repower, we can help.




Electrical / Plumbing

All the behind-the-scenes systems maintenance to keep your down time on the water worry free.  




Fiberglass repair Paint / Gel Coat

Professional repairs and finishes from the smallest scratch to the latest  T-bone racing encounter.

Why Choose Vallejo Marine Craft?


We understand there is a strong need for a local, quality boat maintenance and service facility.  We are excited to offer you the professional craftspersons you need to keep your vessel in top shape.  We are also happy to let you take more of a hands-on approach with a DIY section of our facility.  Please familiarize yourself with our DIY procedures and regulations to ensure your boatyard experience is safe and environmentally sound for all involved.    



We get it – we are mariners, just like you.  So whether you are Jonesing for the best position on the line at the next beer can race, or looking to keep your runabout or fishing boat at the ready for your next outing, we will do our best to get you in, out and back on the water – fast!

About Our Company



We are located in Vallejo, California, at the southern end of the Napa river, just north of where the river runs in to the Carquinez straights.  Our physical location is that of the prior business, Vallejo Boatworks, and we are excited to open up under new ownership and management!  We have a deep background in construction, maintenance, yacht services and boatyard management.

                                                                     Where the start of the Delta and the Wine Country converge, a convenient location to go for all your vessel maintenance needs.  We want to keep you on the water!


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