What time will my boat be hauled?

We will schedule you in a two-hour time window, and we will do our best to haul
your boat within that approximate time. Please understand that emergencies do
occasionally occur, and we will try to accommodate all affected parties. We are
also limited to an extent by the tides, so on occasion, must work within those
parameters. Thank you for your understanding if our haul / launch schedule
needs to be flexible.

Can I work on my own boat?

Yes, if you follow our guidelines and safety / environmental protocols. We strive
to keep our customers, employees and environment as safe as possible, so many
of our policies exist to work toward that end. Please see our DIY section on our
website for specific guidance and requirements.

Can I supply my own paint?

Yes, within our guidelines. California is quite strict with the types of bottom
paint and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are allowed to be sold
and applied in the state. If your paint is on our approved list and complies with
our Air Quality Control Board permit, we do charge a separate corkage fee per
gallon if the paint is not purchased at Vallejo Marine Craft.

Can I hire my own subcontractor to work on my boat?

If the type of work being done by the subcontractor complies with our policies,
and our insurance requirements are met, the answer is probably yes. We ask
that you do discuss your situation with your project manager to explore the

What is your policy on storage or lay days?

If Vallejo Marine Craft is doing all the work on your boat, storage rates do not
apply. If you or a subcontractor are doing your own work, or if you are waiting
for parts or equipment to arrive to complete your work, then storage rates will
apply. The rates are a daily rate, based on the size of your boat. Weekends and
holidays are also counted in the number of days accrued.

What is your cancellation policy?

Since we try to be as considerate and efficient as possible in working /
scheduling all our customers, we ask that you please let us know as soon as you
can if your plans change.

When can I drop off my boat?

For your and your vessel’s safety, we ask that you deliver your boat during our
regular business hours between 8:00 and 4:30, Monday through Friday. If you
have an emergency delivery or need to deliver the boat during non-business
hours, please coordinate with our office to set up an agreeable plan.

When I deliver my boat, where do I put it?

During business hours, please call the office just prior to your arrival for specific
docking instructions. Please do not pull directly into the haul out bay, unless
otherwise directed.

How long can I leave my boat at the dock after work is completed?

Because we have limited dock space here at VMC, we request your boat be
moved within 24 hours of completed work. Beyond that time frame, storage fees
will apply.

What draft restrictions do you have when hauling a boat?

With the recent dredging that has taken place at the Municipal Marina that is part
of the approach to our facility, unless you have a deep draft vessel, you should
not encounter any difficulty. In our actual haul out bay, we do check the tides
and may coordinate specific haul outs in relation to water levels.

What are Vallejo Marine Craft’s payment terms?

Payment in full is required prior to your vessel being launched or when services
are completed. Deposits may be requested, depending on the services and scope
of work. We accept cash, checks, electronic transfers and all major credit cards.
Please note, a small convenience processing fee applies when paying by credit